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Updating your Animal Unit Rating

* For the purposes of this article, we are showing DSE as our animal unit rating example, but you can use which ever unit rating you wish (such as AE, LSU , etc) through your farm settings.

Learn more about animal units.

Maintaining accurate animal unit ratings is important because they will affect other areas of your operation in terms of stocking rates and grazing intensity.

Keeping these up to date will help you manage your grazing plan.

Mobile App

From the Map tab, select the mob to update its AE / DSE.

Tap & Hold the AE / DSE box and update your AE / DSE figure.

Web App

Updating AE / DSE values is much easier from the Web App and can be done for multiple mobs at a time.

Firstly, select the Livestock tab.

Select the mobs you would like to update by ticking the boxes to the left. This will allow you to apply the same AE / DSE rating to each mob you select.

Updating by Entire Age Class / Management Tag / Mob Name

If you would like to update an entire Age Class (for example) at once, first group the columns by the age class, then select the button next to the age class you would like to update. This will select all the mobs in that age class.

Then click Update selected mobs' DSE from the top right.

Enter the DSE value and press Save.

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