Mobile App

Create record

Click Livestock in the menu tab along the bottom.

At the top of the livestock menu, click Create Bulk Record.
Then select the species which you will create the record for.

You can also directly create a record from an individual's details page by clicking Create record along the bottom.

After selecting your species, you can now select your record type.
Select from Quick Records for a specific record.
Select from Templates to create several records together. You can also click New Record Template to create a new template and define your own steps.

Selecting animals
You will need to select the animals the record will be for.
Click Select animals to bring up a list then use the checkboxes to change your selection.

Fill out the form

Fill out the form fields. You can use the navigation menu at the top to move through the form quickly. Select a section from the dropdown or click the arrows to move to the previous/next section. 

If there are errors in the form, you can click the red bar to quickly navigate through the issues.

Then click Save when finished.

Web App

Create record

To create a record for an individual animal, first navigate to your individual animal list. Click the Create record button in the top right to start creating a record.

Optionally, you can also use the list to select the animals you want to create records for before clicking the Create record button or select them later on.

You can also directly create a record from an animal's details by clicking Create record from the top right corner.

Select record type

From here, you can select the type of record under Quick Records

Selecting animals

To change your selection of animals, click Select animals under the list of selected animals.

Use the checkboxes to adjust your selection then click Select animals. You must have at least one animal selected to continue.

Fill out the form

Complete the fields then hit Save when finished. You can also click the left-hand tabs to navigate to each section.

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