Pregnancy Scanning (Individuals)

A guide to entering your individual scanning records.

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Pregnancy scanning can be recorded on both your Mobile and Web App. Simply follow the instructions below!

Mobile App - Live Session

Record your pregnancy scanning results by using the Pregnancy Scan Record. For steps on setting up a live session see Live Session Records (Individuals).

Click Livestock in the menu tab along the bottom.

Tap Start Live Session to create a new session or tap Live Sessions in the list to view your active, paused, or scheduled sessions.

Select Pregnancy Scan

Fill in the details for the Live Session and tap Start Session or Run Later.

Once in a live session you will be prompted to select an animal. Pick or scan the animal you want to administer the treatment to.

Fill in the Pregnancy Scanning Results.

Select Save and Next to move on to the next animal or FINISH to finish the session. This will bring up the Record Summary.

Mobile App - Bulk Record

Record your pregnancy scanning results by using a Pregnancy Scan Record. For steps on creating records see Creating Individual Records.

Fill out the Record Date. Note: If you’d like to add more animals to this record, hit Select Animals. 

For the animal/s selected, choose a scanning result as either Dry, Single or Twin for sheep OR Dry, Wet for Cattle. Click Save

Web App - Bulk Record

Select Livestock > Individuals. From here you can click Add Records.

Choose the species and select Pregnancy Scan from Quick Records. Fill in the details as described above. Click Save.

View and Edit Record

To view or update this record, visit the individual Animal’s Details and tap History.

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