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Death Records (Individuals)

A guide to keeping track of your individual livestock death records.

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Individual Deaths can be recorded on the Mobile and Web App. Here is how:

Mobile App

Select the Livestock tab from the bottom of your screen.

livestock icon

Tap Create Bulk Record and select the species you wish to create the record for.

create bulk record icon

Click Death from the Quick Records options. 

death icon in animal management tool

Tap on Individual Animals. From your list of individuals, select the animal you wish to create a death record for.

Fill in the relevant fields.

death record form in livestock management tool

Tap Save to record the death.

Note: Further field entries will be available when operating within the Advanced Recording Settings.

Web App

Select Livestock and Individuals. From here you can click Add record.

add records button

Choose the relevant species and select the Death Record. Once all the relevant fields are filled you can click Save.

You can view all your individual joining records in a report format via the Web App. See our Individual Death Report article for more information.

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