Using prefixes will allow you to customise your reports and your data further. Especially if you are running multiple blocks on the same farm. See our Reporting article for a guide on customising your reports.

Note: for more information on the difference between blocks and farms and what would work best for you see Farm vs Block


You can put prefixes at the start of paddock names to represent which block/farm they below too. You can see example of this in the bottom image.

This will allow you to use the Filter all Columns option in reports to search for the paddocks belonging to a certain farm/block. 


Running multiple blocks on the one map will mean your inventories are shared. To help distinguish between chemicals, feeds and treatments you can add prefixes.

You can also add in the block/farm they are associated with in the description box.  

See Inventory for a guide to Adding, Editing, Copying and Archiving items.


By adding prefixes to the names of mobs you can filter through your livestock reports on a block by block basis. You can do this when you're Adding Livestock or you can edit your existing mobs. 

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