Paddock and Livestock Summary

Learn how to use the paddock and livestock summary.

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Navigate to the Paddock Summary by clicking on the paddock from the map. The livestock summary described below can be found on the Animals/Mobs tab.

Livestock Summary:

On the Summary you can view your groups of animals by configuring the summary table. Use the Configure table button on the mobile app or the Columns button on the web app.

screenshot of summary toggle



screenshot of mob management tool

screenshot of individual animal management

If you would like to see a breakdown by Age Class within a paddock, you can select the ‘Age Class’ column.

screenshot of age class app screen

If you want the summary broken down by Age Class, Breed and Tag Colour you can select all 3, and have your animals grouped based on that criteria.

screenshot of animal management tab

You can switch to the Animals/Mobs view to see all your individual animals or your mobs listed.



screenshot of mob management

screenshot of individual animal management

Adding animal records via the Livestock Summary

To add a record you can select a row from the Summary or select rows from the Animals/Mob list

In this example, I have chosen 'Age Class' as my criteria (this is the default view).



screenshot of mob management

screenshot of animal management tool

I want to apply a pregnancy scan record against all Heifers in this paddock. Once I move to the Animals page, I can see all animals with the Age Class 'Heifer' have been selected.



screenshot of mob management

screenshot of individual animal management

Hit the 'Animal Record' button and select 'Pregnancy Scan'.

text reading animal record

Using your Management Groups as your criteria (Individuals)

In this example, Management Group and Age Class as the chosen criteria. I am looking to apply a weight record against the light steers, which I have put into my Management Group 100-200kg.

Select the Management Group from the summary view, then hit the 'Animal Record' button and select "Weigh"

farm animal record


How do I change the columns on the summary table?
Tap the ‘Configure table’ button to change what you are grouping by and the columns you have displayed.

How do I record against all mobs in the paddock?

You can do so by just tapping the Animal Record button in the bottom panel. This will automatically select all mobs in the paddock.

What does the horizontal selection icon mean?
This is a partial selection. As you move between Summary and Mob views there may be a partial selection of a row in the summary table based on which mobs you have selected/deselected.

There is no issue here but it is just indicating that when you create a record only some of the mobs in that group are selected.

[IAM] Where have the paddock weight insights gone (where you could toggle between age class and management group and see weight summary for each group)?

Paddock weight insights have moved. You can now get those insight (and more options) from the ‘Animals’ tab in the paddock summary.

If you ‘Configure table’ you can see the options of Age class, Management group, plus Reproductive status, Tag colour, Breed, and options to choose weight columns to understand averages for those groups in the paddock.

How do I access the grazing insights?

Grazing insights are only available on Performance plans. Reach out to the team at if you’re interested to learn more.

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