Connect Paddocks with Gates

Let your livestock run in multiple paddocks

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How does it work?

Open gate will use the total area of connected paddocks to recalculate your stocking rate and indicate which livestock have access to the multiple paddocks. 

Tips for using Open Gate:

  • The yellow boundary shows the connected paddocks

  • Paddocks and livestock will show a history of open and closed gates

  • Opening a gate will also begin a joining period if there are dams and sires in connected paddocks.

Adding Gates

Mobile App

From the Menu tab, select Farm Map Editor. 

farm map editor button

Add a gate by pressing the green + icon. Select Landmarks, then select Gate.

adding infrastructure to farm map

Drag the map to position your gate and when you are ready, select Place Gate.

changes to farm maps

Fill out the gate details. 

farm mapping options

The gate will automatically connect the closest paddocks, customise these paddocks in the Connected Paddocks section. When you are finished, press Save.

Web App

On the Web App, select Farm Map

farm map button

Select Add and choose Infrastructure from the drop-down list, then select Gate. Click the location that you want to place your gate.

Fill out the gate details. Select which paddocks the gate connects - the closest two are pre-selected.

connecting paddocks in pasture mapping tool

Press Save to finish creating your gate.

Opening Gates

Mobile App

You are able to open and close gates anytime by selecting a gate and manually updating it from the Gate Summary or selecting the gates from the Paddock Summary. You can also update gates when making a livestock movement.

Gate Summary

Open or close a gate anytime by tapping the gate, from the Map tab. This will open the Gate Summary page. 

Press Open gate or Close gate and fill out the date. 

gate record in farm management tool

Once you have finished press Save. By opening or closing the gate you will notice that the Stocking Rate has been changed to reflect that livestock are now running across both paddocks or restricted to one.

Paddock Summary

From the Map tab, tap on the livestock that is in the paddock connected by the gate you wish to open. This will bring you to the Paddock Summary, select Show All from the top-right.

pasture gate reporting

This will display a list of the gates connected to this paddock. Tap the gate you wish to open to view the Gate Summary page. Select Open or Close and fill out the date, once you have finished, press Save.

gate reporting in farm reporting tool

Web App

From the Web App, click on the Gate Icon.

example farm map

Select Open gate or Close gate. Enter the date and then press Save.

gate reporting in farm mapping tool

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