Paddock Withholding Period

What happens once you apply a treatment with a withholding period to a paddock?

Updated over a week ago

After completing a paddock treatment with a withholding period, you will notice the treated paddock will turned bright red for the duration of the withholding period. 

The withholding total number of remaining days and finishing date can be view from the Withholding tile in the Paddock Summary. You can access the Paddock Summary just by opening the paddock. 

Livestock movement during a withholding period

If you attempt to move livestock into a paddock during a withholding period, the livestock movement details will notify the mover that the paddock is in a withholding period. 

If the mover chooses to over hide the withholding period, a final warning is presented and must be confirmed by selecting the Continue button. 

It's that simple! All you need to do now is apply a paddock treatment with a withholding period.

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