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Export Slaughter Interval (ESI)
Export Slaughter Interval (ESI)

Track your livestocks Export Slaughter Interval withholding period

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If you apply a treatment to livestock that has an Export Slaughter interval, you can identify the livestock with a red E symbol. 

This symbol will automatically disappear when the ESI is over. If you attempt to sell livestock that currently has an ESI, you will be given a warning message notifying you of the withholding period. 

Viewing ESI duration

The duration of the ESI can be viewed from the ESI title on the Livestock Summary Page. 

From the Map tab on the Mobile App, select the livestock.

Livestock Sales during Export Slaughter Interval 

If you attempt to make a sale of livestock that currently has an ESI, you will receive the following warning notifying you that the livestock is in a withholding period. 

If you choose to override the ESI withholding period, press Continue. It’s that simple!  

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