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Paddock List

View your paddock list from the Mobile App

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Mobile App

Easily view and filter a full paddock list from your Mobile App. From the Paddocks tab, select the bullet list in the top-left corner.

paddock list in farm managment app

From here you can scroll and select the Paddock in question or search by name or keyword.

list of paddocks in farm management tool

Select the All Paddocks box to filter the list by Empty paddocks, paddocks in withholding and view landmarks.

If you want to go back to your Farm Map at any time, press Map on the top-left of your screen.

Web App

Select Paddocks in the left hand side toolbar.

paddock icons

From here you can view a full list of all your paddocks including information on ha, FOO, pasture state, livestock hd and stocking rates.

paddock list in farm management tool

To bulk update you FOO, min FOO target and pasture growth rates tick the boxes on the left hand side of the paddock names. Once selected, use the Paddock Action drop down menu to select your record type.

Fill in the details and click Save.

For further information on filtering your reports see our Reporting article.

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