Cell and Strip Grazing

How to split and strip graze your paddocks.

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Setting up your paddocks to enable cell or strip grazing is something you can achieve with the open gates feature. For information on how to add in and use gates see our Open Gates article.

Setting Up

By drawing out your paddocks into strips or cells you can mimic what is happening on your farm. To learn how to draw a paddock see our Drawing a Paddock article. By putting in gates to link up these paddocks you can control how much land is grazed.

By closing all gates you limit the stock to one strip of the paddocks.

setting up a paddock in grazing management tool

Or you can open gates to allow part or full access to the paddocks.

edit paddock in grazing management software

When you have the gates open the stock density is spread over the paddocks. This is indicated by the yellow boundary line. 

The Grazing Days Remaining changes to compensate for the stocks access to multiple paddocks. For more information on how to achieve accurate days remaining see our Food on Offer article.

Drag and drop your mobs into the next paddock just like normal movements. See our Move Livestock article for more.

subdivide paddocks in pasture management app

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