From the Mobile App, select Paddocks

Select the paddock you wish to harvest, then select More. Tap Harvest

Fill out the required details underneath the Harvest, Costs and Storage headings. 

Tonnes or Bales? 

Yields can be entered in tonnes or bales just by selecting the type and then entering the yield per hectare/acre or total yield. 

For bales you can enter the bales per hectare/acre and the average bale weight to calculate the total yield.


You can store your Harvest on or off farm from the Storage Type. By selecting the on-farm option, you can then add your Harvest to an existing Storage Site or add a new Storage Site. 

The harvested crop type will determine which silo or hayshed it goes into within the inventory.

To finalise your entry, press Save

Harvest Report 

Review, analyse, export and print your Harvest record information from the Harvest records report on the Web App. 

From the Reports tab, select Harvest records.

Your Area harvested, crop, Yield, Grade, Moisture (%), Protein (%), Contractor Details, Contractor Cost, Operator Fuel Cost/Litre and Operator Fuel usage will be displayed here.

To learn more about customising your reports, check out our article on Reporting.

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