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Detailing a harvest by truckload
Detailing a harvest by truckload

Add information about your harvest as you do truckloads from your header to your silos.

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Detailing a harvest in AgriWebb

The harvest record is from the perspective of a full paddock yield. To record data on truckloads for a full harvest, you can use the following workaround.

First, add in your silos or sheds and their current states into your feed inventory before harvest.

When a truck load comes in from a harvest, update the storage location within the inventory. This is done by adding a purchase record. Here, you can add in the total feed being added to the silo or shed and apply a cost of $0.

To add more information relevant to each truckload, simply add it into the reference or description tab. The information for each truck load could be kept in a format similar to this.

Once saved, the total amount in the silo will be updated, and you can find the information related to each truckload in the history tab.


This information will flow through into your Purchases report for your feed inventory. Here you will be able to distinguish between actual purchases and harvest loads by recognising the price per unit as $0 for truckloads.

You can cross reference with your commodity stock reconciliation report to look at incoming and outgoing.

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