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Units of Measurement

Configuring your preferred measurement units

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As a global company, we understand the importance of having the appropriate units of measurement for your region or preference. AgriWebb makes it easier to customize your units of measurement in both the web and mobile app.

  • Area- Select between hectares and acres.

  • Animal units- Select between DSE, AE, and LSU. 

  • Currency- Select from the list of supported currencies; Australian Dollar, US dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, New Zealand Dollar, South African Rand and Brazilian Real.

  • Weights- Select from kg, tonnes or lbs, tons

  • Paddock Treatments and Animal Treatments- Select from ml, l or fl oz, qt, gal, ml, l

  • Rainfall- Select from milimetres or inches

  • Temperature- Celsius or Fahrenheit

Configuration changes can be made on either the Mobile App or Web App. 

Mobile App

On the Menu screen select Settings

Scroll down to find the Units of Measurement section, tap any of the unit types to select between the available options.

animal management settings

Web App

Select Account from the navigation, and then click Farm Management

farm management settings icon

Find your farm in the table, and from the Edit dropdown select Settings 

edit dropdown menu

settings selection in dropdown

A window will pop up allowing you to select your units of measurements. 

farm settings in farm management tool

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