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Mob Activity and History Summary
Mob Activity and History Summary

See a combined view of all events recorded on livestock in the Mob Activity page or visit each Mob and view Livestock History.

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Mob Activity

To find this simply open your Mobile app and tap Livestock > Mob Activity.

mob activity icon

This will now show a fully timeline of all livestock related events on your farm in chronological order.

You can tap on the mob name to view the current details of the mob or tap on the record name to view the details of that event.

To review a particular subset of records tap on the All Records drop down and pick from the event groupings.

mob activity records

Livestock History

View every record that has been created for each mob of livestock.

Mobile App

To view livestock history select Map and press on the Livestock tab.

livestock top menu

Press on the livestock group you wish to view. From the Livestock summary page press View Details and select History from the top of the page.

livestock mob details

You can filter the livestock history by pressing on the down arrow on the right. This allows you to view particular actions such as Performance, Movement and Treatment.

You can view more details for each record by pressing the > arrow icon.

Web App

To view Livestock history on the Web App click on the Farm map.

farm map icon

Select the livestock you want to view click History in the top right corner.

timeline records in livestock management app

You can filter the livestock history by pressing on the down arrow on the right, allowing you to view only certain record types.

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