Recount Mob Numbers

Easily adjust livestock numbers as you count

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From the Map tab on the Mobile App

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Under the paddock, select Mobs twice from the pop up, before clicking the mob you wish to recount.

From the Livestock Details page, select More from the bottom-right corner. Select Recount.

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Enter the new livestock size, and the date when the new size should be applied. Once finished, press Save to apply the size change to the livestock.

livestock count record

Livestock Counter

From the recount record page, press Launch Livestock Counter to keep track of the count as you go through your livestock.

livestock count summary

 Tap +1 or +2 to record the additional animals. Once the count is complete tap on Done to record the count and continue the Recount record.

Removing Livestock

To remove livestock from a farm use the recount and set the livestock size to 0. 

For example, if livestock is sold and transported off the farm and 3 animals were lost. The remaining livestock can be resized from 3 to 0, given the details of "Lost" and saved. The livestock will then be removed from the farm.

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