This step-by-step guide will demonstrate how to create weight records for your Livestock. 

To learn how to record weights at an individual level, check out our article on Weight Goals.

Create a new weight record 

On the Mobile App press on the Map icon and Select the Livestock tab.

Tap the Livestock group you are weighing and press View Details. From the Livestock Details page, press Weigh.

Fill out the New Weight Record details and press Save. Press Show Advanced Fields to record minimum and maximum weights for that Livestock group.

Edit or Delete a Weight Record 

From the Livestock Summary, select the History tab at the top. Select the weight record and tap the item arrow >

From the Weight Record summary page, you can Edit, Duplicate, Add a Note or Delete the weight record. To finalise your changes, press Save

Average Weight Graph 

View the Average Weight Graph from the Livestock Summary Page. 

Reporting on Livestock Weights

Review, analyse, export and print your livestock record information from the Livestock tab from the left navigation panel. 

Your weights, Animal Units (DSE/LSU/AE) and livestock numbers for each of your Livestock groups will be displayed here. Click on Weight (KG/HEAD) to order weights from lowest to highest. 

To learn more about customising your reports, check out our article on Reporting.

Draft & Split

Merge Livestock

Score record

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