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Integrations with BCMS, EID Cymru and wider government connections are coming soon.

Mobile App

Select the Livestock tab from the bottom of your screen.

Select Individual Animals from the list. From your list of individuals, select the animal you wish to create a sale record for. 

Click Create record and select Sale from the quick records options. 

Start from the top and fill in any relevant details for the sale. You can apply the CPH details alongside associated transport details.

If selling multiple animals, you can add in more by hitting Select Animals and choosing them from your list or from a previous record, which includes live sessions. 

Fill Income details which can be categorised by the following options;

Costs can be added from the list below. Any haulage, levies, yardage and commission fees can be added under Additional Costs.  

Finally, review your information and click Save

Sales records can be easily accessed and edited on the mobile app by tapping Menu > Livestock Movements > Sales.

Sales reports can be viewed from the Web app under the Reports tab.

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