Live Session Records allow you to connect the Mobile App to your EID reader and indicator to scan the animals EID, capture its weight and record the current body condition score and repeat the process for the next animal.

You may also like to prepare for a live session ahead of time by creating a record template. When it comes time to process the animals, pick the template when starting the live session, and connect to available hardware then start the session. 

Live Sessions

On the mobile app. Tap on the Livestock tab. 

Tap Start Live Session to create a new session.

Tap Live Sessions to view your list of active, paused, or scheduled sessions.

Tap on Record History to view the list of all completed sessions. From the record history, select any available sessions to see the summary information.

Creating a new Live Session

  1. Navigate to Livestock page and select Live Sessions
  2. Tap Create new session
  3. Select from the available Quick Records or from the list of available Templates.

Run a Simple Scan to quickly process a group of animals. The simple scan session once completed will be listed on the Record History page.

Preparing a session

Each time a session is launched the setup page will be shown. From here the hardware needed can be connected, default options for the details being records can be selected and drafting options can be entered.

  1. The steps being performed and additional setup information can be entered on the setup page. For example, when adding animals in a live session you can select the species, breed, visual ID, and tag input methods for the animals being processed. Remember that you can change any of the defaults as you scan each animal.
  2. Next, tap Connect Hardware to connect or pair with any additional hardware.
  3. Select to queue animals if the current animal in the session has remaining records to complete or to move immediately to the animals scanned. 
  4. In the Draft section, you can add multiple manual drafting options. The first option will be the default assigned to the animal as it is processed in the session. You can manually change the draft option during a session as each animal is scanned.
  5. If the session is to be run at a later date, tap to Save the selected steps. This allows you to launch setup later and the hardware setup will not be recorded.

Running a live session

Once the session is set up its time to start.

  1. To run the session tap Start Session.
  2. Now you are ready to scan an animal. If you are creating a weigh record then the weight will be captured from a connected indicator. If no hardware is connected, you can select and update the individual animals details manually.
  3. All records will be automatically saved as soon as you scan the next animal.
  4. If an animal has lost its EID, tap on More actions, select an animal manually, and locate the animal to start recording. Alternatively, scan the replacement tag and select Assign tag to an animal to locate and assign the new EID to the existing animal.
  5. You can skip a scanned animal at any. Tap on More actions, and then Ignore this animal. No records will be created for the ignored animal.
  6. Once all animals have been processed tap on Finish. A summary of the session will then be shown.
  7. Tap on Add Record to add a new record. All of the animals scanned during the session will be pre-selected in the record.

A session can be paused at any time by tapping More actions and then Pause session.

To change the connected hardware tap on More actions and then on Update hardware connection to change the devices connected to the session.

Queuing Animals

The general session setting to control if the session should move immediately to the next scanned animal or to stay on the current animal if not all fields are complete should be used when a lot of manual field entry is necessary.

By selecting to queue animals the session will remain on the current animal unless all of the steps are complete. For example, if a session had 2 steps to weigh and pregnancy scan then both steps need to be entered before the session would continue to the next animal, but if both where completed then the session would move immediately to the next animal. 

Once an animal is queued a banner will display on the session to let you know an animal has been queued. When you are ready tap on Next Animal to move on. Note you do not need to fill in all the fields, but you are in control of when the session will move on. 

More Actions

Under the More actions button you can access a number of features. 

  • Add a note: Will add a note to the current animal in the session.
  • Ad hoc record: Add or replace a tag, or add a condition score record on the current animal in the session.
  • Ignore this animal: If the current animal scanned should be excluded from the session then you can choose to ignore it. Note you can undo this. 
  • View current stats: Will launch a summary of the current session to date (note that this does not include the current animal being processed). From the summary page, you can launch the list of animals process to see their full details and history.

Hardware Setup Options

Check out Live Session Hardware Configurations to find out the setup that will suit your farm setup. 

Jump across to our Supported Hardware article to determine if your hardware is supported by the AgriWebb Mobile App.

If you encounter any Bluetooth device issues, make sure you check out our article on Bluetooth Device Troubleshooting to learn more.

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