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Troubleshooting Hardware Connections (Individuals)
Troubleshooting Hardware Connections (Individuals)

Troubleshoot bluetooth and WiFi connections

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Sometimes the old fashioned off and on again method can make all the difference with the hardware connections. If rebooting all devices and starting again doesn't work, there are a few more options below.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Connections

Bluetooth can sometimes misbehave, and connecting to an EID reader will fail. Go through the following checklist to troubleshoot your connection, and also refer to the manufacturers manual for help with their device. 

  • Check that the device is turned on and has bluetooth enabled.

  • Check that the device is not already connected to another device. Sometimes a bluetooth device will reconnect automatically to the previous device it was paired to. For example if your EID reader is connected to another device then disconnect the other device before trying to connect to the EID reader from the device running the AgriWebb Mobile App.

  • Check your devices system bluetooth settings. Check that bluetooth is turned on. 

  • When the AgriWebb app is launched it will look for and reconnect to previously paired devices. If the EID reader was not available to connect to then go to the Hardware Connections page once the device powered on to connect manually. 

  • In certain cases, you may be prompted to apply a 4 digit code to pair the devices. The default for the majority of TruTest and mainstream devices is either 0000 or 1234. For TruTest EziWeigh7 the passcode is 'default' .

Trouble shooting WiFi Connections

Cellular data interruption
Often the signal between stick reader and mobile device can be interrupted by the cellular data from the device. Turn this off and attempt to connect again without the interference.

Local Network Permissions
With iOS devices you will be prompted to grant the AgriWebb mobile app permission to access the local network when you first navigate to the Hardware Connections page. This permission allows the app to auto discover available devices on the WIFI network the device is connected to. If you navigate to the Hardware Connections page with an active WIFI connection to a HRX or TWx device and it is not visible after a few seconds then you should navigate to the iOS Settings app and scroll down to AgriWebb and ensure that the Local Network permission has been granted and toggled on.

finding local network in agriwebb

Test if the connection is working with another app
To support you with any troubleshooting, it will be helpful to know if the issue is with connecting to the phone itself or just to the AgriWebb mobile app. To this, you can download the Gallagher Animal Data Transfer app from the app store and attempt to connect the reader following the steps in this video. If this works for you, then it would mean the phone can successfully connect, but there may be an outstanding issue connecting to the AgriWebb app directly. Let the team know if this is the case and we can investigate further for you.

Missing keyboard on iOS when using a Tru Test XRS2

When using a Tru Test XRS stick reader with iOS devices the keyboard on the iOS device (and within the AgriWebb app) may not appear as expected). This is due to the stick reader presenting as a keyboard and iOS expecting input exclusively from the reader and opting to hide the on-screen keyboard.

To address this it is important to ensure the XRS2 is connection mode is Default, and not HID. On the XRS2 navigate to Settings > Bluetooth > Advanced > Connect mode and verify that the value is set to Default.

Alternatively, you can open up another application on the iOS device (e.g notes app) and then go back into AgriWebb to see the keyboard appear.

Unstable Connection on iOS

Bluetooth connections can become unstable due to interference from other devices, low battery or large distances between the Bluetooth devices.

If you are experiencing unstable Bluetooth connections with Bluetooth serial devices (Tru Test XRS2 and Tru Test EziWeigh7) and you have ruled out low battery and interference then we recommend trying to establish the device connection in the iOS Settings app outside of the AgriWebb app.

  • Open the iOS settings app and tap on Bluetooth.

  • Ensure that the Bluetooth device is ready to pair.

  • If the device is listed in My devices then tap on it to connect to it.

  • Otherwise, wait for the device to be listed in Other devices and then when it appears tap on it to pair and connect to the device.

apple settings icon

If the connection fails for an already paired device in My devices then tap on the i and tap Forget This Device and restart the pairing process. If a stable connection cannot be established in the iOS settings app then consult your Bluetooth devices manufacturer instructions for guidance.

Once a connection is established then return to the AgriWebb app and navigate to the Menu > Hardware List page. The paired and connect device should appear (you might need to tap on the refresh button) and then you can tap Connect for the AgriWebb to connect and talk to the device.

Note: these steps will help with Bluetooth serial devices. Newer Bluetooth low energy devices such as the Gallagher W-0 or Tru Test S3 or Te Pari T1 should be connected inside of the AgriWebb app.

IOS Devices - Bluetooth Connection

For any devices you are trying to connect that are not the new 'Low Energy Bluetooth' - please connect these to your phone Bluetooth settings first, once connected to the phone head to the Agriwebb app and the device should appear when selecting the accessory.

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