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Live Session Hardware Configurations (Individuals)
Live Session Hardware Configurations (Individuals)

A guide to using hardware within live sessions

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Getting the most out of a live session requires connecting to and running with external hardware. Whether its a standalone EID stick reader or an indicator connected to weight scale and a dedicated EID panel reader these setups can all work with a live session.

Each model of stick reader and indicator is different. Be sure to refer to the manufacturer's documentation on how to connect to devices over Bluetooth before starting.

In general, the setup scenarios can be broken down into two main patterns. Data such as the EID and stable weight is pushed into the AgriWebb mobile app from an indicator or the AgriWebb mobile app pulls data from the connected indicator.

If you are using a fixed panel reader attached to an indicator then you are going to be pushing the EID and weight details to the AgriWebb app.

If you are using a stick reader you can choose to either connect the stick reader to the indicator and push the EID and weight data to AgriWebb, or connect both the stick reader and indicator with the AgriWebb app and pull the stable weight after scanning the EID with the stick reader.

If you encounter any Bluetooth device issues, feel free to check out our article on Bluetooth Device Troubleshooting to learn more.

Jump across to our Supported Hardware article to determine if your hardware is supported by the AgriWebb Mobile App.

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