You can use a Live Session for an induction of your animals into AgriWebb. Useful for when stock arrive on farm, at birth or during marking. For a full guide to live sessions check out  Live Session Records.

Mobile App

Tap on the Livestock tab. 

Tap Start Live Session to create a new session.

Choose from Quick Records or Templates

To scan new individual animals onto your farm either:

  • Select Add Animals from the quick records options.  

  • Select Templates, and choose a template that contains an Add Animals step. 

Setting up your live session: 

Default Animal Details

Details that each animal will default to when scanned. These can be overridden per animal if needed. 

Visual ID Input Method

Determines how visual IDs will be assigned to animals when scanned in:

  • None: Don't assign a visual Id.

  • Manual Entry: Manually enter the visual ID for each animal with an optional shared prefix.

  • Sequential Tags: Specify a starting tag and assign visual IDs starting from that tag.

  • Automatic (WYSIWYG): "What You See Is What You Get" tags. For animals with EID tags encoding the Visual ID. This includes UK Sheep EID tags.

  • APHIS (UK Cattle): Specify a starting tag and assign APHIS visual IDs starting from that tag.

  • BCMS (UK Cattle): Specify a starting tag and assign BCMS visual IDs starting from that tag.


Connect your tag scanning hardware as explained in Live Session Records
and select Start Session.

During the session:

Scan your animals and they will be created with the shared animal details and the tag scanned.

If you need to override the shared details for a particular animal you can select show all fields and change the characteristic.

If an animal can't be scanned because it has a broken tag you can select More actions and Create animal without EID to create an animal without an EID tag.

Finish the session

To finish the session select Finish in the top left corner to see a summary of your session.

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