There are three methods of adding your individual animals into AgriWebb. They include adding them manually, importing through a CSV and importing them during a live session. 

Manual Entry

Manual entry of your animals one at a time can be completed on the Web and Mobile App. For a step by step guide check out our Add an Individual Animal article.

Entering in your animals one by one is best for those who have a small number of stock. This method isn't the quickest option however it provides the ability to add in animals you may have missed through other means.

CSV Import

Importing via a CSV is a quick and easy way to import multiple animals at one time. For further information see our Import Individual Animals article. This method works best when the CSV contains only one breed. Note: Animals MUST be of the same species (Sheep or Cattle).

CSV's can be exported from your weigh heads, EID hardware or your current animal management program. Note: Please check with your current program for instructions on how to export your CSV's.

This method is best for bulk importing/updating your animals. This can be incredibly useful for producers with large numbers of individual stock. For further information on bulk updating see our Animal Update Importer article.  

Note: The bulk updater is intended for correcting / completing your animal’s characteristics when you are creating them. This is not a tool for keeping your animal records up to date.

If you don’t have an exported CSV you can download the AgriWebb animal import template file to get started. Fill in the template with your animals and then export the document as a CSV file to import into AgriWebb.

Live Session

This method involves the use of EID reading hardware. If you do not have this hardware, please refer to either the CSV Import or Manual Entry method. Note: EID reading hardware is not a requirement for using AgriWebb Individual Animal Management. You are able to enter records and track your animals manually.

This option is the quickest and can be the most efficient. Especially when combined with a record template. This allows you to add your animals in whilst also assigning records to them; all at the same time! See our Record Template article for further information. 

For a guide to adding your animals through a live session see our Live Session - Add Animals article. 

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