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Enterprises and Management Groups (Individuals)

How to set up your farm's Enterprises and Management Groups

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An enterprise defines a business unit on a farm. A Management Group defines similar animals that are managed in the same way within an Enterprise.

Once set up, you can organise your individual animals into Management Groups for use when reporting and exploring insights.

Note: Only Administrator and Manager user roles have the ability to Add/Edit Management groups within an Enterprise.

Determining a Name For Your Enterprise

To work out your enterprise, let’s start by defining what kind of operation you run:

  • Are you a breeding or trading operation? Or both?

  • If breeding, do you run specialised breeds?

  • Do you export livestock?

  • Do you have agisted livestock?

Examples of enterprises on your farm could be

  • Breeding

  • Trading

  • Cow/Calf

  • Stockers

  • Grouped by age class

  • Grouped by weight

  • Stage of production: breeding, rearing, finishing

  • Grouped by end-use: Feedlot, Fattening, Backgrounding, Replacement

Next, to work out your management groups, let’s start with a few questions:

  • How do you manage your animals?

  • At the crush/chute/cradle, what criteria do you draft based on?

  • How do you group your animals into mobs? ( age class, lactation status, weight category)

  • How do you need to report on your livestock?

The flow chart below gives a handy visual representation of how to think about these two elements.

individual animal management chart

An example of setup enterprises and management groups to help you visualise what we are aiming to achieve:

animal management by category

Creating Enterprises and Management Groups

Navigate to the Livestock section of the AgriWebb Web App and click on Enterprises

On the list of farms, find the farm you wish to set up and click on the "enterprises" link.

The Farm Enterprises page lists the Enterprises and their Management Groups on the selected farm. Click the Add Enterprise button to add your first or subsequent Enterprise.

add enterprise button

From the new window you can select the species, type and name of your Enterprise.

add enterprise form

Once saved, your new Enterprise will be represented by a card. To make use of the Enterprise you must first add a Management Group.

To add, edit and archive management groups click the pencil icon at the top of the enterprise card

cattle rearing data

Enter a name, and click Save to add your first Management Group. Repeat this step to add more Management Groups. Use the 'X' to archive a Management Group.

Note: Animals are not automatically removed from archived Management Groups however no new animals can be added to an archived group. If a group was archived in error, click the Edit then Restore button.

management group form

Note: We recommend you add an abbreviated into the field as this text will be displayed on the farm map, this can be a useful tool when identifying animals in each paddock.

Click Done when finished.

cattle rearing data

Feel free to follow along with the steps in the video below.

Adding Animals

Individual animals are added and removed from Management Groups using the Set Management Group record.

Note: Management Groups may also be assigned when importing animals via a CSV. See our article on Importing Animals for more.

Mobile App - Bulk Record

To assign an animal to a Management Group using a bulk record, start to create a record as described in the Create Individual Records help article.

Select the Change Management Group record option.

set management group for farm management

Set the date from which the Management Group change should apply and select the applicable animals as you would with other records.

Choose the new Management Group from the drop down menu. Note: that the None option may be used to remove animals from their Management Groups at the selected date.

management group dropdown

Mobile App - Live Session

To assign an animal to a Management Group in a live session, start a live session as explained in the Live Session Records help article.

During the setup phase tap Add management group option to add a Management Group option to the session.

mobile scan record for livestock

Select the required Management Group options. The first option is always the default.

management groups

During the live session you can tap the desired Management Group for each animal as they are scanned.

Management Groups on Individual Animal list

The Management group and Enterprise of an animal can be used when sorting and filtering the Individual Animal List, as well as to grouping the insights.

To read more about filtering the animal list and insights, check out the Individual Animal List and Individual Animal Insights help articles.

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