You can now visually view your individual animal data in graph form to help better understand the current state of your farm and identify trends.

To see these insights go into your Web App and navigate to Livestock > Individuals and select Show Insights.

Graph Overview

The default view will be 4 graphs of animal weight data. This is shown above your individual animals table, so you can still scroll down and see this data.

Projected Live Weight vs Age

This is the projected weight for a particular day vs the age of each animal in months. Note: The date will automatically default to today.

The projected weight is calculated by adding the latest average daily gain x the days since last weight record to your previous weight value.

Live Weights Over Time

This shows the increase (or decrease) for a given animal over time where the X Axis is the animals age in months. Each line represents an animal.

Projected Live Weight

This shows the frequency (Y axis) of animals within a particular weight range.

Average Daily Gain

This is similar to the Weight Histogram (3) except it shows ranges of Average Daily Gain. The ADG is calculated by finding the increase (or decrease) between the last 2 weigh events divided by the number of days in between those weigh events.

Graph Controls


Graphs can be grouped in colours according to different criteria by using the Group by dropdown menu.

For example you may Group by Vendor for Purchases and find your underperforming suppliers, or you may Group-by Sires to identify which sires produce the heaviest offspring.

The different groupings possible are:

  • Sire
  • Breed
  • Vendor
  • Species
  • Tag colour
  • State - e.g. off farm
  • Age class


You can zoom into any graph by selecting Expand on the graph. This will show you an enlarged version in more detail. You can also navigate between the graphs by using the Overview drop down on the left hand side.


You can click on any line, point or bar to select the associated animal/s. Selecting an animal on one graph with automatically select that animal on all other graphs and the table. Selecting an animal on the table will also select them on the graphs.

Since the animals you have selected are also auto selected on the table, this means you can now apply any record to the currently selected animals by pressing the Create Record button in the top right. See Create Individual Records for more.

You can also select a group by clicking and dragging, known as brushing. Likewise, when you brush on one graph, the same animals are auto selected on the other graphs and table.

Another way to select animals is by clicking on the coloured boxes in the legend to the left of the graphs. This will select all animals of that particular legend key.

You can remove your selections by pressing the Clear button on the left of the graphs.


The animals shown on the graph are the same as what is shown in the table. This means that as you add new filters the graphs will automatically update. For more information see Individual Animal List.

You can use your graph and table selections as a filter to explore them in more detail. To do this, select your animals and then click Explore Selection. This will then reduce the table and graph data to focus on these animals.

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