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Individual Animal Management (IAM)
Updating your Heifer Age Class (Individual)
Updating your Heifer Age Class (Individual)

Instructions for bulk updating animals age class from heifer to cow in the IAM system.

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Agriwebb's Individual animal management system uses updates an animals age class automatically based on the individual reaching certain ages or once certain data has been recorded against the individual. The criteria for the age class to be updated is explained in this article.

As the above linked article suggests, a birth record must be recorded against a heifer for their age class to be automatically updated to cow.

For many operations the linking of an individual calf to a heifer is impossible so using a birth record to update the age class is not a viable option.

Updating the age class manually in bulk

The simplest process for updating the heifers to cows when you do not want to link them to a calf is as follows:

On the web app head to the Livestock list and use the filters to refine your livestock list to just the heifers that need to have their age class updated. Note: you can update all your heifers or filter them by their lactation, reproductive status or age if your heifers aren't joined until later in life.

Ensure you have a column for either the EID or VID.

updating age class in livestock management

Click the export button in the top right and select CSV. Your CSV file with the filtered animals will be downloaded. Now we need to click on the Add Animals button and then select import animal updates via CSV. Select the CSV file you exported in the previous step.

dropdown for livestock records
data import for livestock management

Choose how you would like to identify the individuals. We often recommend using the EID as this is a unique identifier in the majority of cases.

importing animal records

The only data that needs to be mapped in the importer is the column with your EID (or VID if you don't have EIDs) and the Age Class field. Make sure the option is use manual value and then select Cow as your value.

Click next and then import to update the age class of your heifers.

classifying livestock records

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