AgriWebb allows you to bulk update your individual animals by uploading a CSV with rows that contain an animal ID (an EID or a VID) and a set of animal characteristics to update.

The bulk updater is intended for correcting / completing your animal’s characteristics when you are creating them. Note: This is not a tool for keeping your animal records up to date.

To upload a CSV go to the Web App > Livestock > Individuals. From the individual list click the Add Animal button and select Import Animal Updates From CSV.

Note: If you are located in the UK, you will also see a 'scan passport' option

Uploading your CSV and Selecting an Identifier

You will be asked to identify the species, then directed to upload your CSV file, then you will be asked to select an identifier.

We will use this information to identify your animals in the CSV and match them with your animals in AgriWebb. 

For example, if you have animals with only VIDs in AgriWebb and you want to add EIDs, you could upload a CSV with VIDs and EIDs and select “VID” as your identifier.

Next you can choose which columns from your CSV you want to use to update your animals. In the below example we are using the EID as the identifier, and updating the VID and breed.

Fix Unknown or Empty Values

If we are unable to identify any values in your CSV you will be able to provide a valid value. This could be due to missing or invalid data in your CSV. In the below example there are 22 CSV rows with empty breeds.

Resolve Conflicts within your CSV

At this point you might also see errors about duplicates in your CSV. If you have multiple rows with the same EID/VID you will have to select which one you want to import.

Review and Save

Before saving your updates you will be able to see a preview of the changes that will be made. When you are happy with these changes, click Save.

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