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Edit or Delete Livestock (Individuals)
Edit or Delete Livestock (Individuals)

How to edit your individual animal's details or delete the animal

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Edit your animal details on the Web and Mobile App or delete them from the Web App. Here's how!

Note: If you have incorrect animal data that needs to be updated in bulk, you can bulk update your animals via a CSV import. See our article on Bulk Updating Livestock Details for more.

Only available to Administrator and Manager Users Roles.

Mobile App

Edit an animal from the Animal Details and History page.

Select the Livestock tab from the bottom of your screen.

Tap Individual Animals to view your list of individuals.

Select the animal you wish to edit from the list and tap Edit. Fill out the new details and press Save.

NOTE: Updating Age Class
If you are looking to age your animals, you can do so via the records such as birth (heifer > cow), wean (calf > weaner) or castration (bull to steer). Use the edit animal option to correct any mistakes made when the animal was added to AgriWebb.

Web App

Edit or delete an animal from the Animal Details and History page.

Select the Livestock tab from the left-side navigation panel. Then click on the Individuals tab in the top menu to view your animals.

Use filters to find your animal then click on the row to view the animal's details page.

On the left-side panel, click the Actions button below the title bar to reveal the menu.

Edit Animal

Select Edit Details from the menu. Then update the fields in the form and press Save.

Delete Animal

Note: Only available on the Web App.

Delete Animal will delete the animal from the system, removing it from all records and updating your farm reports. Select Delete Animal from the menu to show a confirmation dialog.

Check the condition then click Delete to confirm.

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