Have you noticed things aren't lining up, or your phone isn't syncing as easily as you would like? Here are some top tips to ensure AgriWebb syncs up to the cloud and data aligns across all devices.

  1. Ensure everyone has their own user licence.

    It is essential that everyone has their own unique log-in. Avoid group log-ins like admin@farmname.com as these can cause conflicting records in your data. Learn how to set up more user licences here.

  2. Adjust your app settings

    Ensure 'background sync' is turned on for all users. This is found on the mobile app under menu > settings > sync options. Ensuring 'enable background sync' is switched on will enable AgriWebb to sync so long as the app is running.

    As well as this, ensure the 'keep app awake during sync' setting is switched on.

    If you have multiple farms on the account, ensure syncing all of them is a default.

  3. Keep your phone open during the sync

    The sync will continue even if you close the Manual Sync Data page, however, you must keep the Mobile App running, closing the app will stop the current sync if you are using an Apple device.

  4. Make it a habit to sync

    When the App recognises that it has data that hasn't been uploaded to the cloud, a banner will appear on the Home or Menu tab, press Sync Now to initiate syncing.

    You can also force a manual sync by navigating to the menu tab > synchronise data > manual sync.

  5. Keep your app up-to-date

    Always make sure you’re running the most up-to-date version of the app, as we usually update AgriWebb twice weekly! You can check what app version your device is running in the mobile app under Menu > Settings, it should be the same version as in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. See more instructions here

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