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Switch between farms on AgriWebb with ease!

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Many AgriWebb users have more than one farm. That's why we've made it super easy to switch between farms on your Mobile or Web App!

Mobile App

Select Menu from the bottom right of the screen, followed by Switch Farm.

Select the you farm wish to switch to or tap Download another farm to this device if you are switching to a new farm for the first time.

Note: When downloading a new farm for the first time you'll need an internet connection. Once loaded, the Farm's map and records will be fully accessible for this property.

switch paddock interface

Press Cancel to exit this menu.

To ensure the farm details are up to date when switching offline, ensure that your Mobile App is set to Sync all farms. You can check this by going to Menu > Synchronise Data. Ensure that the Sync all farms features is set to on.

Web App

Log in to the Web App and click the down arrow next to your farm name. From the drop down tab select the Farm you wish to switch to.

Once loaded the Farm Map and records will be fully accessible for this property.

livestock records dropdown


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