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Joining and Natural Service Record (Individuals)
Joining and Natural Service Record (Individuals)

Record joining for your individual animals.

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This step-by-step guide will demonstrate how to record a joining or natural service for your individuals animals in AgriWebb.

To learn how to record natural service at the mob level, check out our article on

Mobile App

Record your joining dates against a cohort of animals by using the Joining Record.

Click Livestock in the menu tab along the bottom.

Tap Create Bulk Record and select the species you wish to create the record for.

Select Joining

Select the service Start date, Sires and Dams involved. Tap Save.

This record can be viewed in your individual's history and the Joining/Natural Service Report

Web App

Select Livestock and Individuals. From here you can click Add Records.

Choose the relevant species and select the Joining Record. Once all the relevant fields are filled you can click Save.

You can view all your individual joining records in a report format via the Web App. See our Individual Joining Report article for more information.

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