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Scanning and Drafting by Pregnancy Status
Scanning and Drafting by Pregnancy Status

A quick guide to scanning then drafting on pregnancy status

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Scanning and Drafting in AgriWebb

To achieve accurate scanning percentages across your flock or herd it's best to mimic whats occurred in the yards in AgriWebb. 

  • If you scan your livestock and know the preg status broken down by age class or tag colour you can simply apply the scanning record to each mob.

  • If you don't know the breakdown of results by age class or tag colour and have scanned as one group of mixed age, then the steps below will show you how best to reflect your scanning results.

Bringing a number of different mobs into the yards for scanning can be replicated in AgriWebb by merging the selected mobs together. 

mob movement buttons

To merge mobs, the breed, age class, tag colour and management tags will need to be the same. These details can be edited in the mob details section. Have a read of the merging article for step by step instructions.

Note: you can create as many mobs as you need while merging. An example of this could be merging into one mob of 'Mixed Age Ewes' or 'Mixed Age Cows.'
Or two mobs; 'Mixed Age Merino Ewes' and 'Xbred ewes.'  

Once the mobs are merged you can use the Scanning record to achieve an accurate combined scanning percentage. Details on completing this record are found in the Scanning article

After the scanning record is complete, drag and drop the mob into the target paddocks. This is how you draft according to their pregnancy status. 

Note: this is required to draft the stock as the results entered into the scanning record do not automatically draft them. 

When you enter the number of head to split off, make sure it corresponds with the number of 'wet' and 'dry' or 'singles' and 'twins' you entered into the scanning record. 

management tag details

If you are unfamiliar with drafting, dive into the article on Drafting for more information. 

Lastly, when all mobs have been allocated out to their paddocks, open up the mob details of each and Edit either their name or management tag to include their pregnancy status. This can be used to identify the mob for further management. Read through the article on Editing Livestock Details to find out more. 

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