On the Web App, select Account from the left navigation panel. Select Farm Management under Farm Settings.

Select Edit to display the settings actions, then select Settings

Here you will find Farm Breeds

Choose your shortlist of breeds for cattle and/or sheep from the available breeds list. Select the breed(s) and use the arrows or double click on the breed to move it across.

If you have a primary breed, you can set this as your default which will be automatically selected when adding livestock on the mobile or web app.

Adding a new breed

Please note that the ability to add a new breed is only available on our mob management plans, and is not available if you have selected a shortlist of breeds through settings.

We have compiled a list of common sheep and cattle breeds for you to choose when adding your livestock. You can also add a new breed by using the + Add New Breed button in the Select Breed section when adding livestock. If you are unsure of how to Add Livestock follow this guide to learn more.

Continue reading to learn how to add a new breed on the Mobile App and the Web App.

Mobile App

When adding livestock, open the Breed list.

Press Add a new breed to create your custom breed.

Once you are finished, press Create.

Web App

When adding livestock from the Farm Map, click the Add breed button to create your custom breed.

Once you are finished, press Create.

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