Multi Farm Reporting (Individuals)

Running multiple farms? Learn how to aggregate your livestock inventory and reports for your farms all in one place.

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Multi farm reporting in AgriWebb

Note: Only available for 'Administrator' roles on an Individual Animal Management Corporate plan.

You can access your multi farm dashboard under the 'Organisation' tab on the Web App.


Under the 'Farms' tab, you can see at a glance all of your farm names, state, total number of sheep and total number of cattle. You can also navigate into the farm by clicking 'Open Farm'.

report ready tab

Livestock Inventory

The Multi Farm Livestock Inventory Summary is a report that allows you to see the current on-farm inventory of all your animals across all the farms in your organisation.

Average weight calculation:

The last actual weight + latest calculated ADG x days since weighed. It is the estimated weight for the animals as of today.

Like many of our other reports, you can choose which attributes are important to group your information by, and also choose which columns to show in the table.

For example, the following table (from the configuration specified above) is now grouping by species but it is not grouping by age class. It has also added the Enterprise Type and removed Average Weight.

Columns you can group by include the farm, species, sex, age class, breed, enterprise type, enterprise name and management group name.

Top tip: Since the enterprises and management groups are created per farm, to make this report more effective you should standardise the naming of these entities across the farms in your organisation.

Multi Farm Reports

To view relevant information around animal performance, livestock inventory, deaths, treatments and weights across your farms, you can navigate into the 'reports' tab.

Clicking onto one of the report tiles will generate that report for all farms on AgriWebb and begin downloading as a csv. file. Please note that a pop up window will notify AgriWebb is preparing your download. You can still navigate away from this window and your download will continue.

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