Single Species Settings

Set your preference for Sheep or Cattle to match what you run on farm

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Overview of Single Species Options

Learn how to configure the species so that it will only show "Cattle" or "Sheep" to reduce the number of options given when creating records and remove unnecessary columns in your reporting.

Choose to show:

  • Sheep and cattle (default configuration), or,

  • Sheep only, or,

  • Cattle only

Note: Selections made will impact the ability to add animals of a certain species to the farm and the columns and insights that are shown in reporting. Configuration selections can be changed at any time. Adjusting the farm species can only be done in the web app.

Customise Your Species

To start, select Account from the navigation, and then click Farm Management.

livestock dropdown menu

Beside the appropriate farm, choose the Edit dropdown select Settings.

A Farm Settings window will pop up, select the menu item Farm Species

The default (starting) state for all farms is where both species boxes are checked. Where a species is checked it is possible to add animals of that species to the farm and reference to that species will be found across reporting.

Where a species is unchecked animals of that species can not be added to the farm and reporting heading relating to that species will not be visible (i.e. in the above example Sheep will not be able to be added and there will be no reference to sheep in reporting).

Where a farm currently has animals of a species it is not possible to uncheck that species (e.g. in the above example the farm already has both Cattle and Sheep so neither box can be unchecked).

Once you have chosen which species you would like to appear on farm, you can navigate to the 'Add' function on both mobile and web, and only that species will appear.

If you would like to learn more on customising your livestock within AgriWebb, we also have a handy article on Favouriting Breeds, which allows you to choose which breeds show on farm.

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