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Record Keeping Guide

A quick guide that will save you time when record-keeping!

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Keeping up-to-date and accurate records no longer has to be a chore! AgriWebb makes it easy for you to input your records, view past records and analyse them through Reports. 

It only takes a few seconds to create a record through our Mobile App. If you make a mistake or wish to input additional information, records can easily be edited from the history list. 

Every time you create a record, our Reports will automatically be generated to help you analyse your operation!

How do I create records? 

Records are created from our Mobile App so that information can be accurately recorded at the time of the event. Changes will sync across devices so you and your team can record information directly so you do not need to reconcile at the end of the day.

On our Mobile App, records are split into Livestock Records and Paddock Records. Follow this guide to learn how you can start creating records in seconds.

Livestock Records

Select the Map tab and tap on the livestock that you wish to create a record for. This will bring up the Paddock Overview. 

map icon

To create livestock records, scroll down to a livestock group and press View Details.

From the Livestock Summary, press More to view the records that can be created. 

three dot menu

Tap on one of the following icons to create the record, fill out the required information and press Save.

mob records icons

Paddock Records

If you want to create a paddock record, select the Paddocks tab and tap on the selected paddock. This will take you to the Paddock Summary.

paddock icon

Press More to view the records that can be created for this paddock.

'more' menu

Tap on one of the following icons to create the record, fill out the required information and press Save

paddock record icons

Note: Record options will change depending on the livestock or paddock which you are creating the record for. For example, scanning is only an option for ewes, heifers and cows.

Viewing History

A full livestock or paddock history is available so that you can easily view each record that has been created by you or your team.

Mobile App

From the Paddock or Livestock Summary page, press History at the top of the page.

view of farm records

If you need more information, tap the item arrow > to the right of the record to make edits to the record.

Web App

Livestock History

Select Livestock from the navigation panel on the left.

livestock icons

Click on the livestock to bring you to the Livestock Summary. The full livestock history is on the right.

change log in farm management tool

Paddock History

Select Paddocks from the navigation panel on the left.

green paddock icon

Click on a Paddock, this will bring you to the Paddock Summary. Select the History button to display the full paddock history.

change history in ranch management tool

Undo/Delete Records

For more information check out our Edit and Undo Records article.


Once you have created records, you can begin to review and analyse your operation from the Reports section of the Web App. Make sure you check out this guide to Reporting to get the most out of your record information.

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