Livestock Activity List (Individuals)

View animal activity on your farm

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The Activity List is a convenient summary of your livestock's activity. The list is updated whenever you import new animals, add a record to an animal, or run a live session.

Web App

Select Livestock > Activity.

When you begin creating records you will see in this list details such as the record title, the steps included and a relevant completion status.

Click on the record title to show more detail, the Treatment Record below shows Total used, Dosage and Spillage:

Clicking on 'View all animals' will take you to the Individuals List and display the animals associated with this record.

Search Filter

To help find records in the Activity List, use the Filter all columns text field and type in a search term. The example below is only showing results with the word 'birth' in the record:

Live Records

If a record was created from a live session, a small lightning bolt indicator (⚡ ) is added to the record entry.

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