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Individual Animal Management (IAM)
Show Livestock on the Farm Map (Individuals)
Show Livestock on the Farm Map (Individuals)

View your individual animals on the map

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The ability to view livestock on the farm map is available to customers with the Individual Management features.

Note: Only livestock that have been assigned a paddock location are shown on the Farm Map. Stock can be assigned locations through a movement record. Check out Movement Records for further information.

Mobile App

Tap on Map and select Livestock. Your individual markers will be visible on the map.

If you have both mob and individual features you can switch between map views. To do so, select the cog in the top left and choose Individuals.

You can turn your management groups on and off from this selection as well.

pasture mapping options

Web App

Select Farm Map followed by View Options in the top right. Select Farm Overview (Individuals) or Individuals from the dropdown menu.

To set what is visible on the markers select the marker icon in the toolbar.

categorize livestock records

Livestock Markers

When zoomed out, livestock are grouped into clusters showing sheep or cattle and the total number of head.

example livestock marker in tracking tool

As you zoom in towards paddocks the clusters split out into dark blue markers indicating the specific groups of livestock in the paddocks.

The most basic marker indicates the stock type and number of head in the paddock.

livestock per paddock in tracking tool

Livestock assigned to a Management Group have markers with the Management Group's abbreviation at the top. Additionally any tag colours are indicated on the marker.

livestock counts per paddock

For livestock in withholding after treatment, a white W in a red circle indicates is seen.

livestock counts in tracking tool

Drag and Drop movements

To move individual animals from the farm map simply drag and drop a dark blue marker to the desired location. This will open the Movement Record with the animals and paddock pre-selected.

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