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Artificial Insemination - AI (Individuals)
Artificial Insemination - AI (Individuals)

Recording artificial insemination for your individual animals

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This step-by-step guide will demonstrate how to record artificial insemination records against your individual animals.

Mobile App

Record your Artificial Insemination (AI) by using the Artificial Insemination Record. For steps on setting up a live session see Live Session Records (Individuals).

Click Livestock in the menu tab along the bottom.

Tap Start Live Session to create a new session or tap Live Sessions in the list to view your active, paused, or scheduled sessions.

Select Artificial Insemination

Set up your session by filling in your straw and technician details.

Click Start Session or Run later.

Once in a live session you will be prompted to select an animal. Pick or scan the animal you want to AI. Once selected you will see a card showing the AI details for that animal.

Select Save and Next to move on to the next animal or FINISH to finish the session.

Mobile App - Bulk Record

Record your assumed AI events against a group of animals by using the Artificial Insemination record. For steps on creating records see Creating Individual Records.

Select the Dams and enter the straw / sire details.

Tap Save. This record can be viewed in your Individuals Histories and your Artificial Insemination report. See Individual Animal Details and History for more information.

Web App

Select Livestock > Individuals. From here you can click Add Records.

Select the Dams, enter the straw / sire details. Click Save.

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