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How to record AI for mobs

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You can record AI in your animals by using the treatment records. All this is stored in your mobs history as well as funnelling automatically into your cost of production.

Note: You can also replicate these steps with your other processes such as Controlled Internal Drug Releasing Devices (CIDRs)


Adding straws to your Livestock Treatment inventory follows the same process as normal treatments. For a detailed run-through of this see our Inventory article.

When entering new items you have the choice to customise the Inventory Unit of Measurement. Depending on how you want to record your straws you can set this to Units or Milliliters. Adjust the remaining amount, total amount, dosage etc to suit your AI process. 

Applying the Record

Apply the straws like you would a normal animal treatment and adjust the dosage if necessary. For further information see our Livestock Treatments article.


You can view your AI history through your Livestock Treatment Report. Use the filter box in the top corner to search for AI treatments. To learn how to customise your reports see our Reporting article. 

The cost of your AI will also contribute to your cost of production just like your other animal treatments. See our Livestock Cost of Production and Gross Margin report for more.

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