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Track the sales and purchases of feed or grain in AgriWebb

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You can now record the purchase and sale of feed or grain straight from your AgriWebb Feed Inventory.

Your Feed Inventory can reflect the storage locations on farm (hay sheds, silos, silage pits etc) that contain different feed types. Creating purchase records on these locations or items tops these up after harvest or when you have bought in supplementary feed. Similarly, sale records are a great option when selling any grain or feed that has been previously harvested and stored on farm.

The Inventory reports allow you to track and review the associated income and costs from these transactions.

Mobile App

Go to your Feed inventory by tapping Menu > Inventory > Feed.

Select a feed you wish to record a sale or purchase on. If you don’t have any feeds you can create one using the Add feed button. For more information on adding in inventory see our Inventory Management article.

Tap on the feed and select More.

From the More Options you can choose Purchase or Sale.

Complete the Feed Purchase or Feed Sale form and press Save.

To review your feed sale and purchase records navigate the History tab of your feed details

Web App

Select Inventory and then Feed from the top left. Select a feed from the inventory list by clicking on the underlined Storage Location column.

If you don't have the feed entered you can use the green New Feed Inventory button. For further information see our article on Inventory Management.

From the feed window you can choose to apply a Purchase or Sale record to the selected feed.


You can view your feed Sales, Purchases and Feed Reconciliation under Reports > Inventory.

Check out our articles on the Feed Sales Report, Feed Purchase Report and Feed Reconciliation Report for further information.

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