Livestock List

Monitor, review and edit your livestock.

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You can access your Livestock list from your Web App. Note: you can find a similar list on your Mobile App, see Mobile App Navigation for more.

Select Livestock.

This is your list of all livestock currently on farm, according to the date in the top right corner. From here you can edit livestock details, copy mobs, create new mobs and bulk update your mobs DSE.

Adjusting the Date

You can adjust this date to see a list of historical mobs.

This is different to other reports, where you can select a date range. Your Livestock List only shows a singular day. Note: The preset date options will show stock as of the final day of that period.

Add Mobs

You can add mobs by clicking on the green New Mob button. See Add Livestock for more.

Bulk DSE update

You can bulk update your livestock by selecting the mobs you wish to update using the tick boxes on the left. For more information on DSE's see What is DSE.

Select Update selected mobs' DSE in the top right corner. Fill in the new DSE and click Save.

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