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Slow App Perfomance
Slow App Perfomance

Is AgriWebb running slow?

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Here is a simple breakdown of how the hardware you are using to access AgriWebb can effect its speed and usability.

Device Age

Older devices can be prone to slowing down as they age. This can be due to numerous factors including storage space, OS version or simple wear and tear. If you start to notice your device slowing down try out some of the suggestions below or reach out to your device provider.

For more information on why your devices slow down as they age see this ABC article here.

Storage Space

Sometimes it's the devices lack of storage space that could be slowing it down. Deleting and uninstalling unnecessary or unused apps could speed up your AgriWebb.

It's also an option to clear out old videos and photos from your device. You can either delete them fully or transfer them onto a hard-drive/into the cloud. See below for more information on how to clear space on your device. 

OS Version

Checking you're on the latest Operating System (OS) is an important method for ensuring your device and its apps can run effectively. See below for information on how to update your devices OS version. 

Be wary of the fact that sometimes your devices are too old to update to the newest OS version. If this is the case, and it's effecting your device, you can discuss your options directly with the device provider or maker.

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