We have made it easy to quickly review the full history of any animal on your farm on the Mobile App when using an EID reader. 

To get started, check the manufacturer's instructions on pairing the EID reader to other devices.  Check out our full list of supported readers in our Bluetooth Connections article.

Connect EID devices

  1. Tap on Menu and select Hardware Connections
  2. Turn on your EID reader, ensure bluetooth is enabled, and that it is ready to pair with another device. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific steps of your reader. 
  3. Tap Connect new device. The steps to connect to a device are different depending on your device.

For iOS: A box will appear asking you to Select An Accessory. When the EID reader appears in the list, tap on the device to start the pairing process, this will pair the device with the phone. Click Connect to connect the app to the device. 

Note: It is faster to connect a device via Bluetooth under Settings on your phone, then refresh devices in AgriWebb.

For Android: The Connect New Device box will appear and AgriWebb will start searching for supported devices. You may be prompted to Allow AgriWebb to access the device’s location. This is necessary for the app to search for any nearby bluetooth devices. When the EID reader appears in the list, tap on Connect to pair it with the device

Pairing with a device for the first time might take some time. Depending on your device you might be prompted to enter a passcode. Refer to the EID readers instructions for a passcode to use.

Once successfully paired, close the new connection box. The AgriWebb Mobile App is ready to read EID tags from the EID reader.

Re-Connect a Paired Device

Once an EID reader has been connected to the Mobile App it will appear in the list of connected devices. To scan EID tags it is necessary to connect to the EID reader. Follow the steps to reconnect your device:

  1. Turn on the EID reader. Ensure that bluetooth is turned on and the device is not already paired with another device.
  2. Tap Connect from the device list. The Mobile App will now attempt to connect to the paired device

Scanning a tag 

Once the EID reader is connected, it is easy to access individual animals details. 

Scan an EID card with your reader, the animals information will immediately appear on the Mobile App.

If the EID scanned has not been entered into AgriWebb then it will show as an Unknown EID. You can then assign the tag to an existing animal or create a new animal.

If you encounter any Bluetooth device issues, feel free to check out our article on Bluetooth Device Troubleshooting to learn more.

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