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Connecting EID Readers and Indicators via WiFi Hotspot (Individuals)
Connecting EID Readers and Indicators via WiFi Hotspot (Individuals)

Connect to your EID readers, indicators, and scale heads to make it even easier to manage your individual animals.

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You can quickly review the full history of any animal on your farm on the Mobile App when using an EID reader.

To get started, check out the manufacturer’s instructions on pairing your hardware to other devices. Check out our full list of supported devices in our Bluetooth and Wifi Connections Article.

Connect to a device via WiFi Hotspot

Turn on your hardware (for example an Indicator), ensure hotspot is enabled and that it is ready to pair with another device. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific steps of your Indicator/Reader.

On your mobile device, select Settings > WiFi. Locate the reader or indicator and connect to the device. Once connected it will appear as below:

On your mobile device, open AgriWebb, click Menu > Hardware Connections. Select your EID reader or indicator and click connect. If it does not show up, click the refresh button at the bottom of the screen, next to connect new device.

Once connected, you can now start your live session on the device and AgriWebb Mobile App, and the device will be displayed within AgriWebb under the connected device list.

Trouble shooting WiFi Connections

Cellular data interruption

  • Often the signal between your stick reader and mobile device can be interrupted by the cellular data from the device. Turn this off and attempt to connect again without the interference.

Test if the connection is working with another app

  • To support you with any troubleshooting, it will be helpful to know if the issue is with connecting to the phone itself, or just to the AgriWebb mobile app. You can download the Gallagher Animal Data Transfer app from the app store and attempt to connect the reader following the steps in this video. If this works for you, then it would mean the phone can successfully connect, but there may be an outstanding issue connecting to the AgriWebb app directly. Let the team know if this is the case and we can investigate further for you.

Retrieve IP Address from Wi-Fi Settings

  • If you are unable to see the device automatically appear in the Hardware Connections page on AgriWebb but it is appearing as connected in your mobile device settings, you can manually connect to the device, by tapping on the green bar at the bottom of the page, Connect a new device.

    Select Device.

Choose the device model from the drop down, either HR4 or HR5 and enter the IP address of the EID reader. Then select Save.

To find this IP address, go to the list of WiFi connections on your mobile device settings and select the 'i' next to the reader's network. The IP address is listed here and is a combination of numbers and letters. AgriWebb needs the IPv4 address.

Now that the reader is connected to the mobile device you can simply scan an EID to bring up the animal information or begin a live session by going to Livestock > Live session.

For further troubleshooting, be sure to read the published AgriWebb article directly pertaining to your specific device, or reach out to the farm success team.

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