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Top tips for AgriWebb livestock

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Individual Tracking 

If you wish to track livestock individually, you can use Management Tags on the creation of the livestock by adding a Visual Tag Number. This will stop the livestock from merging with other groups.

Once livestock's Management Tag are applied, only other livestock with the same Management Tag, Breed, Ear Tag Colour and Age Class can merge with this livestock group. 

Check out our Management Tags article to learn more!

Adding Bulls & Rams Individually

If you wish to add Bulls or Rams individually you can do so via a Management Tag when creating a Bull or Ram. This will stop the Bull or Ram from merging with other livestock groups. 

Larger Ram Flocks 

Common practice for larger ram flocks is to set them up as one mixed aged group, with a mixed ear tag for the majority of the year. Once you reach joining time, you can Draft and Split as you put them out with the ewes. At this time you can utilise the Management Tag field to include their ear tag number to identify them individually. 

Individual Ram groups 

If you have a small number of rams, feel free to set them up as individuals, specifying the Number of Head as 1 and using their individual tag number as either their Name or Management Tag. 

Adding a Custom Breed

If you wish to create a custom breed you can use the + Add New Breed button in the Select Breed section when adding livestock. Follow this guide on how to Add Livestock and add your own custom breed.

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