Recording ET in Agriwebb (Individual)

As we don't have a specialised Embryo Transfer record in the product the following article will explain how to record this data.

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To facilitate the recording of ET data in Agriwebb we need to use the Artificial Insemination Record and the Birth Record. This is a workaround only and should allow you to record the important parentage data.

Artificial Insemination

The easiest way to record this data is using a bulk record. If you use unique sires/dams for every embryo you will need to do an AI record per individual.

Mobile App

Click Livestock in the menu tab along the bottom.

Tap Create Bulk Record and then Artificial Insemination.

The Dam that we select is the recipient/surrogate dam.

We then want to enter the Batch number as Embryo.

In the sire section, the name will include the sire and the dam that created the embryo. For example, R100 Sire & S200 Dam.

Tap Save. This record can be viewed in your Individuals Histories and your Artificial Insemination report. See Individual Animal Details and History for more information.

Birth Record

The most important step in recording the ET calves in a birth record is to ensure you switch to the Advanced view in the top right corner.

Mobile App

Select the Livestock tab from the bottom of your screen.

Tap Create Bulk Record and select the species you wish to create the record for.

Select Birth Record

The dam you select as the Birth Dam is the recip/surrogate. Ensure you tick that this dam is the surrogate so you can then select the Genetic Dam that was listed in the AI record above.

For the Sire Identifier, you can select the individual sire by using either the select from individuals list (selecting a bull from your Agriwebb) or Manual Entry (used if the bull is not on your property).

Animal Card

Please note on the animal card the sire and the genetic dam will be shown. If you need to review who the surrogate dam is use the Offspring Report.


To review and make decisions from this data the Dam Performance Report and Offspring Report will show the all the relevant data.

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