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Carcass Data (Individuals)

Upload carcass data to close the loop on performance

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Upload Carcass Data

If your clients want to understand how cattle that have been through your feeding program have performed, you can import their carcass data and view the lifetime animal performance.

You can upload carcass data when completing a sale record. You can read more about how to create a sale record here.

To upload a csv file of carcass data when completing a sale record, select the green button next to Add Carcass Data and the fields will expand.

add carcass data icon

Drag and drop your CSV file into the box available or choose a file from your computer directory.

carcass data tool

Your CSV file must have at least one animal identifier, either EID or VID. You must also define a Kill Date. The other available information that you can choose to upload includes

  • Plant ID

  • Plant Name

  • Supplier

  • Net Carcass Weight

  • Price Per Weight

  • Price Per Head

  • Batch Number

  • Kill Number

  • Marbling score

Map the relevant fields from the file using the importer window and proceed through the steps hitting Next and then Save to upload.

Alternatively, you can manually add data to animals by entering the details into the associated fields.

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