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Advisor Portal for Customers
Advisor Portal for Customers

Is your vet or advisor using the AgriWebb Advisor Portal? Link with them as a client and grant visibility to relevant information.

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As an AgriWebb customer, you can allow your vet or advisor access to animal and farm records directly through AgriWebb with the Advisor Portal. This aids efficient and effective communication and allows your advisor to give timely, relevant advice by having access to this information.

Accepting an invite from advisor

  • You will receive an email notification that states you have been added to an advisor account on AgriWebb.

  • Click Accept invitation AND follow the link to grant your advisor access to your account.

  • You will need to grant the advisor the required level of access or default no access will be granted and the click 'Save.'

Note: AgriWebb does not allow access to a clients account without the confirmed permission of the client.

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