Connection Setup

  1. Pair hardware with the XR5000. Turn on the XR and navigate to Settings > Connections page.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth, the XR is now discoverable for pairing.
  3. In the AgriWebb Mobile App navigate to Menu > Hardware Connections
  4. Tap Connect new device.

5. The tablet should find and list the XR5000. Tap on the Connect link to initiate pairing.

6. You will be prompted to enter a PIN for the XR5000 - this should be 0000. Note that it is documented on the Bluetooth screen on the XR5000 itself.

7. Close the add connections page and the XR5000 should now be listed in the connected devices list.

8. Back on the XR5000 the device running AgriWebb should be listed and Connected. Use the arrow keys on the XR5000 to navigate to the device name. Press the Enter button to see the options drop down.

9. Select Configuration and press Enter.

10. On the configuration page you will setup what the XR5000 will send to AgriWebb. In the Output section select EID, Weight when weight is recorded.

11. Press the Return button to get back to the Bluetooth Settings page.

12. The XR and AgriWebb are ready to run a live recording session.

XR5000 Auto/Manual Recording

Recording can be performed manually or automatically when the weight is stable.

Manual recording

When an animal enters the crush, their tag will be read and their weight taken. Once the weight is stable the light above the Rec (Record) button will turn on and be a solid red.

To save the record and send the details to AgriWebb you must press the Rec button.

Automatic recording

The XR5000 can automatically save and transmit records for an animal. This removes the need to manually press the Rec button.

To do this go to the Settings > Recording page.

Change the Record mode to Automatic and select ID is required, wait until ID is received.

Live Session

To run a “Weigh and score” session you will first need to create a template within AgriWebb that has the weigh and score steps added to it.

Create a record template

  1. Navigate to Livestock > Record Templates and tap on Create new template.
  2. Enter a name and description. E.g. “Weigh and score”
  3. Add the “Weight” and “Score” steps. Order is important. Select weight first so that it appears at the top of the session card.
  4. Save the template.

Start a session

  1. Navigate to Livestock and tap on the Create Live Record button.
  2. Swipe over to the Templates tab and select the template.
  3. In the hardware section ensure that the XR5000 is listed. If it is not then tap on Connect hardware button to launch the hardware connection dialog.
  4. With hardware connected. Tap Start Session.
  5. Load animals, scan and weigh them. As stable weights establish the record will be sent to AgriWebb. Or press the “Rec” button if in manual mode.
  6. The animal card will appear. Tap on the appropriate score.
  7. Load the next animal.
  8. Finally, press on the Finish link to end the session.

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